Getting excited for My New Radio Show on! Starts Monday January 4th from 12 pm – 2 pm Eastern Time (9 – 11 Pacific; 11 – 1 Central).

This is Dr. Susan Rempel, and I want you to tune in to my new show on beginning January 4th. We’ll be talking all about my passions. I am a passionate supporter of the Second Amendment. I am pro guns, pro-military, and think law enforcement deserves our respect.

I am passionate about educating others about America’s Founding and our Founding Documents. Our Forefathers were inherently politically incorrect, and we can learn from the choices they made as we seek to restore our constitutional republic.

I’m a strong conservative woman and I have a passionate dislike for feminist ideology. I don’t need an entitlement program to get ahead.

So let’s talk about self-reliance, personal responsibility, and the anger that you have about what the Washington Cartel has done to your life. Let’s examine the tyranny that’s being thrust upon us, and develop strategies to push back twice as hard.

I can’t wait to get going. Won’t you join me?

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